This Bella feud is a poverty version of the Jeff vs. Matt Hardy feud. Totally disgusting. 

1. The Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins matched sucked, but was also good. If I wasn’t such a Seth Rollins fan then i would have enjoyed this match a little more. I hate Seth’s booking atm, he looked very weak in this match. He got absolutely NO OFFENSE, which is a shame considering he is arguably the best wrestler in the company. He also got no spots. All he got was the win, while the Deaner got to look AMAZING out there with the suplex spot, the dive on all the lumberjacks off the top rope, the amazing clothesline, and then using the Curb Stomp on Seth. The story telling however was genius, showing how Dean still loves Seth even though he doesn’t feel the same.

2. The outcome of Orton vs. Reigns should have been Randal coming out on top. Its best for business for Orton to win, its just simply better for WWE atm considering we need more serious opponents for Brock Lesnar. If Randy would have got the three count after hitting that crazy RKO on Roman, then he could have went on to face Brock. Which is a dream match for me personally. Roman didn’t need the win at the moment considering he is going to get his title shot at Wrestlemania. He could have still go on to face Triple H by still foiling the Authority’s plans. 

3. The Biggest fight of the Summer is going to backfire after while. I wanted Brock to win because he broke the streak and needed to look strong, but he didn’t need to destroy Cena. Cena is a 15 time World champion and the face of the company and he couldn’t hang with Lesnar. Now i can’t believe anyone can beat Lesnar now and I’m afraid they are gonna make Seth fail at cashing in to make Brock look stronger. With the showing he put up last night No one can beat him not Roman, DBry, Seth, Randy, Brock, or a returning Cm Punk.

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